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Freida, Eugene M.
Mar 22, 1991
By: Barbara (Freida)Wainwr
Message: Love you and miss you so much!!
Auger, Ronald Newton
Sep 4, 2006
By: Michael Auger
Message: 6/17/12 - Happy Father's Day, Dad, Love and miss you!
Bender, Robert
Feb 28, 1997
By: Dean Battaglini
Message: Will be missed forever
Bohrer, Barbara J.
Nov 14, 2003
By: jacob bronson
Message: RIP mamaw. you will remain in my heart<3
Brunner, Florence G.
Jun 15, 1993
By: Richard Brunner
Message: Thanks Mom, you made me what I am today.
Chorich, John Louis
Aug 19, 1999
By: Lynn Chorich
Message: Love and miss you, Jack!
Dailey, Phillip J.
Aug 30, 2001
By: Carrie Dailey
Message: I miss you every goddamn day crazy man
Gordon, Brittney Ann
Apr 22, 1998
By: Brian Gordon
Message: I love u ... Wish I had the chance to know you!
Gray, Jacqueline
Jul 31, 1974
By: Peter Gray
Message: Love and miss you honey!
Arnold, Robert C.
Apr 22, 1967
By: Kelly Kirchner
Message: Thank you
Lehmann, Werner
Jun 10, 2013
By: Martha Lehmann
Message: Hezi I miss you so much love your wife
Jeffords, Sr., Nathan
Aug 6, 1819
By: Alice Jeffords Lewis
Message: His parents were Sibella Hayden and Moses Jefford.
Marcoux, Joanne R.
Sep 23, 2013
By: Julie Marcoux
Message: Think of you always
Bittner, Bernice Estelle
Aug 19, 1982
By: Susan Mee
Message: Sadly missed by loved ones always.
Dick, William Andrew
Oct 23, 1978
By: Susan Mee
Message: Still in our hearts and thought of often.
Mee, Jr., Austin Charles
Jan 28, 1982
By: Tim Mee
Message: Time passes, but still greatly missed.
Mee, Jr., Austin Charles
Jan 28, 1982
By: Austin MeeIII
Message: He lives on in our memories.
Wilkins, Laverne H.
Jan 6, 2017
By: Joyce Schlosser
Message: Miss you and mom everyday.Rest in Peace
Parsons, William Hugh
Jun 11, 2016
By: Stefani Sheppa
Message: Rest in peace, dear one. You are missed and loved
Frey, Darlene A.
Nov 18, 2012
By: Laurie Vonglis
Message: Rest well my loving mother. You are missed!