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Cemetery Policies

All lots in the Pine Hill Cemetery are sold in accordance with the provisions of the laws of the State of New York and shall not be used for any other purposes than as a burial for dead human beings.
No interment shall be allowed without permission being first obtained from the Pine Hill Cemetery Corporation. At the time applying for permission the following information must be furnished:

  • Name of deceased
  • Age of deceased, including date of birth if known
  • Place of birth of deceased, if known
  • Date of death
  • Time and date of interment
  • If not an adult, the name of parent(s) or legal guardian(s) of deceased.

Lot owners are prohibited from allowing interments to be made on their lots for compensation.

Interments in a lot are restricted to those entitled to burial therein according to the terms of Section 1512 of the Not-For-Profit Corporation Law. Permission for burial of those not entitled to burial according to the said Section must be filed with the Pine Hill Cemetery Corporation by the lot owner(s).

Except as provided for in Section 1513 (C) of the Not-For-Profit Corporation Law, no lot owner may transfer his or her lot.
The full purchase price must be paid before a deed will be given or burial allowed on the lot.

The Pine Hill Cemetery Corporation reserves the right to remove all flowers, wreaths or other decorations from lots as soon as they become unsightly. The Pine Hill Cemetery Corporation reserves the right to remove, after due notice to the lot owner, any embellishment on the lot, effigy or inscription which in the opinion of the majority of the trustees or directors is unsightly or dangerous.

The Pine Hill Cemetery Corporation reserves the right to restrict the planting of shrubs and trees and to remove or trim any shrub or tree deemed dangerous to the public or inhibits the maintenance of the Cemetery.
Funerals must be at the cemetery by 5 pm in order that the workmen will have sufficient time to properly close the grave and remove equipment before 6 pm.

All funerals, processions and vehicles will be under the control of the Superintendent while in the cemetery.
No vault or mausoleum shall be built above ground without the permission of the Board of Directors and then only in such a location as they may approve.
No monument or markers shall be permitted which utilize colors other than those of natural stone.
Placing of glass blocks or vases as receptacles for flowers, either artificial or grown, on graves or plots is prohibited.
All foundations will be constructed by or under the direction of the Pine Hill Cemetery Corporation.
All work done in the cemetery shall be done by cemetery employees or under the control or with the permission of the Superintendent or the Board of Directors.
Only one monument shall be allowed on a lot and it shall be set in accordance with the general plan of the cemetery and shall conform with said plan in size and material.
A plaque may be used as a substitute for a marker. If a monument or headstone is installed, a plaque may be added to the back of the headstone. A plaque may also be on a separate foundation and be placed above the head or foot of the grave.
Monuments for a single lot (4x10) are restricted in size to a thickness of 6" minimum to 18" maximum and a width of 36" maximum. The monument shall be located on the head of the lot with the front face in line with adjacent monuments and 6" from each side of the lot.
Monuments for multiple adjacent lots owned by the same owner are restricted in size to a thickness of 6" minimum to 18" maximum and a maximum width of 12" less than sum of the width of the lots. The monument shall be located on the head of the lots with the front face in line with adjacent monuments, 6" from the side of the end lots.
The bases of all monuments shall be finished true and level so as to fit on foundations without wedging or sprawls.
No monument will be allowed to be delivered in the cemetery until the foundation is installed and ready to receive the monument.
Heavy trucking or other vehicular traffic shall be refused entrance to the cemetery when in the opinion of the Superintendent injury to roads and driveways might result.
All persons shall be allowed access to the cemetery during daylight hours, observing the rules which are in effect and the propriety due the cemetery.

All monuments or markers must be constructed of granite, bronze or natural stone.

Disinterments will be allowed between 8 am and 5 pm. Provided the provisions of Section 1510 (e) of the Not for Profit Corporation Law are complied with.

Interments on Sundays and Holidays will be governed by the Cemetery Board Directives 201.8 and 201.12.

Graves will not be opened between December and April when frost and weather conditions warrant such refusal. Bodies received for interment during this time will be placed in the vault until spring.

All bodies left in the vault after May 1st must have a lot purchased and paid for in the cemetery with prior arrangements.

Cremated remains will not be permitted to be scattered in any part of the cemetery.

Concrete vaults or concrete grave liners will be required for interments in all graves purchased on or after (current date unless approved previously) in accordance with the provisions of Cemetery Board Directive 201.6.

The interment of cremated remains will be permitted only in appropriate rigid receptacle such as wood, metal, plastic or concrete.

One human full body remains along with two cremated remains or three human cremated remains will be permitted per grave for immediate family members only. Immediate family members being identified as husband, wife, brother, sister, and/or children.

A new deed for purchasing a grave was approved by the Board of Directors. Anyone wishing a new deed could apply but the deed would have to be made out in the name it was first purchased under, unless other proof is given to show a different party is now the owner. All new purchases are given a deed upon full payment.

All Christmas decorations must be removed from graves by March 15th.

These rules and regulations may be amended by the directors of Pine Hill Cemetery Corporation, but no such amendments shall be effective until approved by the New York State Cemetery Board.