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Matt Sluberski Eagle Project: Cemetery Road Signs and Restoring Maintenance Shop

Rush Pine Hill Cemetery was abuzz with activity as Matt Sluberski led the efforts of Rush Boy Scout Troop 334 in a multi-faceted project to earn his Eagle Award and Pine Hill Cemetery and the entire Rush Community are the benefactors. Matt's project consisted of three different projects on behalf of the Cemetery.

One component was to power wash and stain the large storage shed in the Cemetery. This was a much needed task for which the Pine Hill Board is very appreciative. Matt coordinated the work groups of his Troop, collected the necessary supplies and oversaw the work process with the assistance of Troop 334 leaders. The newly painted shed is a nice improvement.

The second project was a major undertaking and one that will have a wide reaching impact. Original maps of the cemetery indicated the cemetery roadways had names but none were ever identified within the cemetery itself. Over the years, as the cemetery has expanded, it has been mentioned that road signs would be of significant help to those locating graves of ancestors. Matt worked with Mr. William Meister of Monroe Sign Company to order the signs and then he and Troop 334 installed the street signs at five intersections within Pine Hill Cemetery.

The final component of Matt's Eagle project was to digitally photograph each of the Veterans' headstones at Pine Hill Cemetery. There are more than 300 veterans buried in the cemetery and Pine Hill has veterans from the Revolutionary War time period to the present. The Pine Hill Cemetery website, , contains a searchable internment database. Records are currently being input but the plan is to upload the images taken by Matt and link them to the veteran records. This is a significant effort in preserving local history and honoring the men and women who have fought for our country. Having the images accessible electronically will be a great aid to genealogy researchers. Pine Hill Cemetery is deeply appreciative for the great amount of time and effort Matt expended on the high quality images he produced for this project.

The Town of Rush is a fortunate community to have such a fine young man and Troop 334 is certainly proud to have produced yet another Eagle Scout.